SkySync Cloud Backups​

Daily cloud backups of all your data. Near instant recovery of any file, database or email whenever you need it. Included on all services.

Backups You Trust

Stuff happens. Usually when you least expect it. That’s why we offer backups for free across all of our services. All of your data, email, files and databases are stored in secured data centers across the world.

Instant Restore

Need an email that was deleted by mistake? No problem, go right ahead and restore it on NOVA, our client portal. It's there, always.

Secure Storage

Our backups are stored on a wide array of servers spread out across the world. Even natural disasters can't wipe them out.

Continuous Backups

We don't just store one version of your old files. We store multiple versions, daily, so you have built-in revision history.

SkySync. Cloud Backups.

Daily backups on the cloud

Our daily backups offer superior protection for your website and email. Backups store your data in the Cloud, in an offsite location with multiple remote options available. You’ll never be caught without a backup of your data again.

Super Reliable Backups

Uptime is everything

Backups always need to be there. That’s the only reason they exist. We’ve set up secured backup servers across the world, each storing multiple versions of your data, so you can get your backups, whenever you need them most. 

Instant Restore

Waiting for a backup is not cool. On NOVA, our advanced portal, you have full control over your data and that includes retrieving backups.

Data Privacy

We protect your information from public online records. Your information is kept private and no one else can look it up or see it.

Backup Types

What's backed up?

All data is backed up on the Skystra Cloud. We really value everything you build and create with us and we do our part in keeping it safe, stored, and restorable at all times. It’s the least we can do.



All of your website data, including all your media files and documents, are backed up by our cloud platform on a daily basis. Need an older version restored? No problem, we’ve got it.



Each and every single email you receive and send is backed up. You won’t lose any email on our platform and you’ll be able to recover any sent, received, or deleted, just in case you need to!


Databases contain some of the most critical information. Whether it’s a database from your Apps, email, or website, we back up all of their databases on the daily. 

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