Not everyone is a customer

Jun 1, 2020

Not everyone is a customer. And not every customer is a good customer.

One thing we do at Skystra, which I believe is vastly different than almost any other company, is we carefully vet every customer that comes onto our platform. And I don’t mean “vet” in the traditional sense, we don’t actually know who each person is, as a person. But we do know what a website is about, or what our platform will be used for, or the amount of resources a certain website will use. By using good old human judgement, we determine if a new customer will work on our platform, or cause problems for current customers.

Money isn’t everything

Something I learned a long time ago, if you value money over everything else, your business will come crashing down. The most important, really, the only important goal you have as a business, is customer experience. Treat your customers right, and they will reward you.

We regularly eliminate about 15% to 20% of all new orders. Our Trust and Safety team go through every order, get to know a little bit more about the potential customer, the website, what will be hosted and how the cloud platform will be used, and make a decision on if the relationship will work, or not. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of people and their intentions, and we have a lot of experience when it comes to determining if a customer will be happy with us, or if there will just be a lot of frustration, which leads to a lower quality of service for everyone else.

Constant vetting

That’s why we review every order that comes in, we talk to every customer during onboarding. Our team likes to get to know who we are working with, and who will be sharing the cloud platform. We’ll always protect the experience of every current customer, no matter what that entails. We built this platform with the intent that it be the best one out there, not just with technology, which can always be copied, but with the service.

Sometimes you need to temporarily sacrifice the bottom line in order to have a business that stands above all others, and to do so, your customers need to be your foundation.