About Skystra

Skystra is a technology company that builds and integrates infrastructure, networking and programming into a Cloud Hosting Environment. An advanced fusion of tech to deliver your online presence to a worldwide audience.

We started off as a group of entrepreneurs, developers, a few sysadmins, a designer and a chef (true story). Every time we needed a platform to try out new ideas, we were constantly frustrated by the lack of options out there. Too complicated, too fussy, inflexible… you name it. So we created our own platform: The Skystra Cloud Hosting Environment.

What we do (5)

What we do

We built our Cloud Business Platform for your online presence. And you don't need to be a system administrator to use it. Simplicity in technology is our guiding principle.

Why we do it (1)

Why we do it

There are so many companies out there, with bad support, bad attitudes, etc. So we did something about it. We built our own platform to show them how it's done.

Who we are

Who we are

We started off as a group of people of various backgrounds, with a chip on our collective shoulders, convinced we can do things better than all these other guys.

About Us

You had me at hello.

The Skystra Cloud

We’ve developed a high performance, secure and versatile Cloud Hosting Environment on top of the Google Cloud infrastructure. With these high end, bleeding edge technologies, all of our services are ready to deliver your online presence to every connected device in the world.

Welcome to Skystra

Skystra was created from the ground up with only one focus in mind: to make it easy for everyone to get an online presence. We’re a team of Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, System Administrators, Operators and more. 

We’re Skystra.

Check out how your monthly fee is reinvested in our Transparency Report.

Transparency Report

Transparency Report

Skystra Transparency Report

What you pay us matters. And so does Transparency. So we created the…. Transparency Report. Really clever name, right? This report gives you an overall break down of how your monthly fee is invested right back into the Skystra Cloud infrastructure and our amazing team.

Human Support

The best intelligence isn’t artificial. We don’t use chat bots, we don’t use scripts or customer service automations. When you need us, we are there. 100% of the time. And best of all, it’s by the very same people who develop and use our platform. 


Every company has to grow, and we are no different. We use a bit of the money coming in to help our Sales department to create solutions for our customers. Our Sales team isn’t just there for us, they are there to help you too. And we mean that. 


Infrastructure is the heart of our company. Our largest cost comes from Google Cloud. The second one comes from networking and delivery systems. All worth it to deliver the world’s best Cloud Hosting Environment. 


Tell us if you’ve heard this stereotype before: Marketing is evil. Could be true at other companies, but not here. Our marketing team doesn’t just do marketing, social media and paid search. They look at entire industries and propose ideas on what we can do for our customers.


Everything left over from the above list goes into our profit column. But we don’t actually pull money out of the company. Our cash reserves are dedicated to acquisitions, licensing new IP and investments in new businesses. 

Research & Development

We are constantly investing and reinvesting in our Cloud Hosting Environment. Technology never stops evolving, and neither do we. To create and power up new features, we have a dedicated development team whose sole purpose is creating new technologies. 


We develop a lot of the software on our platform in-house. However, there is some very good software out there that we license and offer it for free to our customers. 



We’re always looking for people who love what they do. We don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do. We want smart people working on what they do best.

Our platform always needs solid developers. We want to release new features at quick intervals. Are you the kind of developer who takes a look at their code and is interested in how your code is used? If so, come work with us!


Interested in a career where you are relied upon by the most amazing customers ever? We’ve got your perfect position.


If you’ve ever had to sell a pen to an interviewer, you have our sympathy. We aren’t looking for automated sales bots. We want people who are focused on creating the best solution for the customer. If you’re that person, we want you!


Got an analytical mind that loves to go through numbers and find patterns? Love project work? Great, because we want you in Operations.


Do you have the marketing chops to educate people on what the Cloud is? Why they should move their data to the Cloud? If yes, we’d like you on our team.


Do you like looking at 4 screens a day, all with white text on a black background? Do you know how Litespeed interacts with cPanel and htaccess files? If yes, click below. We want to work with you.


The Best Intelligence Is Not Artificial

Human Intelligence.

People love working with us!

Being a good company doesn’t mean just treating your customers right, it also means treating everyone who works with you right. Everyone who works at Skystra is pushed to be their absolute best, enhance their skills, and never forget that everyone around them is a human being – customers and co-workers alike!


Check out what our team says about us on Glassdoor and our top 3 ratings below!

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