A Letter to our Customers

Skystra exists to progress technology and get ideas online. Technology has its place in our DNA, but our true heart is our team.

When Skystra was founded as a simple web hosting alternative to those companies that existed at the time, we had no idea of the journey we'd be embarking on.

As a scrappy upstart, we took on the larger competition. Unafraid of ruffling feathers, and completely without remorse in taking it to the big guys, we suddenly realized that yes, we are actually a company now. Losing sight of our beginnings is one thing we will never do.

Our growth has been exponential. That's great news. However, that growth isn't just because of what we do. It's because we have thousands of customers like you who trust us every day to deliver the service we promise, and you pay us for. Our entire existence is thanks to you, and we'll never forget that. Doing the right thing is easy when you have a great relationship with every customer.

Doing the right thing also means putting the money where our mouth is. If we have values but did nothing about evolving them, we'd be no better than the other guys who long ago forgot the value of a dollar. So that said, we are now fully 100% renewable energy certified. Yes, there's a bit of marketing lingo in there. We are striving to be 100% clean energy in the future once the technology and financial components become a bit more realistic.

We've also grown our team significantly in the last year. If our customers are the source of our business, our team is our beating heart. As with any technology company, we do automate a lot of processes. However, when it comes to anything to do with our customers, there are no automations. You guys deserve the best service out there, and that means you always get a real human being that absolutely cares about you, when you interact with us. You deserve no less.

On the behalf of myself, our management team, and our entire team, thank you very much for working with us and being our customer!

Curtis Schonick


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