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Add professionalism to your website and make it instantly recognizable with a great Website Name. To stand out, your brand needs a unique name, get it now!  

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A great website is nothing without a great website name, also called a domain. A website name represents what you do, who you are, and what your website is to the entire online world. Your online presence starts with a domain. Get one with us on any of our services and let the world know who you are. Make your mark.

Get A Name In Seconds

Enter your domain and…see a spinner? A timeout? Those suck. And every second allows someone else to register your domain before you. Don’t wait for the other guys!


Registering your domain name with us takes seconds. You choose it, we register it and off you go to build your online presence.


Need a .com? Or a .net? Or maybe a .xyz? No problem. Get a bunch of domain extensions with us. Protect your brand.


All domains registered with us come with free privacy protection. We replace publicly accessible information with ours.

Popular Extensions

.com, .ca, .org, .net,

.uk, .co, .xyz & more!

We can register a brand new domain for your website on all popular extensions. If you already have a website name and just want to move it over, you can transfer it over no problem.

Connect Your Domain

You can connect any domain name to your services at Skystra. We host everything on the cloud, so your domain will always be connected.

Private ID

We protect your information from public online records. Your information is kept private and no one else can look it up or see it.

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