Dedicated Resources

Edge Hosting is great for businesses, developers and agencies looking to enhance their online presence with dedicated resources, a professional grade developer toolbox and MultiSite support for Agencies.

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Hosting for Pros

Edge Hosting comes with dedicated resources capable of providing industry-leading performance and scalability. A developer toolbox with a ton of programming languages, GIT repositories and shell access. For Agencies, the ability to have multiple website accounts, isolated per client.

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Dedicated Resources are available on Edge Hosting. Performance is increased by having dedicated processing cores, memory and storage and networking available for your account to use at all times.

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Get access to a large number of programming languages such as Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP and various frameworks, along with private GIT repositories to keep all your code organized.

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Separate your projects and clients by account and website. As you work with clients or projects, keep all the data separate in fully isolated accounts. Share access with who you want, when you want.

Edge Hosting +

Google Cloud Platform

Your website will be hosted on our advanced Cloud Hosting Environment (CHE), and delivered globally over the entire Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) infrastructure. Both technologies combine to give your website and email the performance and global reach they need in today’s highly connected world.


Simple. No contracts.

Heading #1
Heading #1
These are the included core features on every Edge Hosting plan. Edge is scalable from the start. From small business to agencies, Edge is ready for your website or project.
  • Google Data Centers
  • Hyperscale
  • 100% Uptime
  • SkyShield
  • cPanel
  • WHM
  • MultiSite
  • Daily Backups
Developer Features

Below are the features developers and agencies use on our platform to create some amazing work. From client websites to full applications running on enterprise networks, Edge gives you all the tools.

  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Shell Access
  • Git Repo
  • Developer Tools

Level 1



10 cPanel Accounts

2GB Memory

50GB Cloud Storage

500GB Traffic

Level 2



20 cPanel Accounts

4GB Memory

75GB Cloud Storage

750GB Traffic

Level 3



35 cPanel Accounts

8GB Memory

125GB Cloud Storage

1.25TB Traffic

Level 4



50 cPanel Accounts

16GB Memory

200GB Cloud Storage

2TB Traffic

Level 5



100 cPanel Accounts

32GB Memory

400GB Cloud Storage

4TB Traffic


Edge Hosting comes with the cPanel, powered by NOVA, backend platform to easily manage your website and projects. Get access to tons of features.

Expert Support

We know websites. We know email and we know Cloud. We also know a ton of applications that run on our environment. Got a question? We're there for you.

Included Features

SkyMail Included

Email is such an important communication tool. That’s why SkyMail is included with Edge Hosting.

If you need more email addresses, you can create an unlimited amount of email addresses on all Edge plans.


The cool stuff

Dedicated Resources

Edge Hosting brings the flexibility, scalability of Cloud and merges them with the dedicated resources of our infrastructure to provide unrivalled performance for your website and projects. Speed is the name of the game with Edge.

On-Demand Scalability

Scale your website or project based on your needs with the click of a button. Resources are instantly made available to you, and you alone. Scalability is great for bursts of traffic or when compiling code. 

Developer Tools

Developers use our Edge Hosting platform every day to create new websites or web applications. The toolkit includes shell access, daily backups, and GIT repositories to keep your code private and organized with the ability to have staging sites. 

Programming Languages

Programming a new website or app on Edge Hosting is easy. We offer some of the latest programming languages out there, such as Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP frameworks and the rest of the LAMP stack so you get the right tools for the job. 


PHP Frameworks are the basis of so many websites and web applications. Install the most popular ones on our Edge Hosting platform. Frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symfony among many others. Need a framework? You can install nearly any framework you need.


Agencies and Developers love our MultiSite feature. You can create separate websites and folders for your client designs or projects at no extra cost. Edge allows you to manage all your sites from one control panel for quick and efficient management. 

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Things you can do with Edge Hosting

A few things you can do on Edge Hosting

Businesses, Developers and Agencies use Edge Hosting every day to create some amazing websites and applications. Edge can do those and more. Below are just some examples of what you can do on Edge.


Business and Ecommerce websites make up a lot of the accounts on Edge. The ability to scale up and down along with fully dedicated resources gives businesses the ability to market their website, get those viral moments, and take those online payments on a secure platform.


Having a cloud platform to code and deploy applications on allows developers to offload their intense processor requirements to our platform. Code on any device and upload your code to our cloud Edge platform to compile it.

Manage Multiple Sites

Edge Hosting is the only cloud platform that gives you the ability to manage your cPanel and WHM powered websites on a real cloud, powered by Skystra + Google Cloud.

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