SkyMail. Cloud Email.

Get business class email on the cloud that makes everything easy. With an intuitive calendar, multi-device sync & app functionality, you get 100% uptime. Anti-spam and anti-virus come included. It just works.

Email. Included.

SkyMail. Email That Works.

All of our services come with a business class email address included. Need more? You can add on more as you need. SkyMail runs on cloud, no fuss, no muss. Oh, and we also don’t scan or snoop into your private data. Get email that just works.

Email. On Cloud.

No junk, spam, or bots here. With advanced anti-virus, anti-spam and the security & privacy of the Skystra Cloud, your email just works.


Receiving spam is annoying. We get that, so our team of works tirelessly to update our anti-spam technology, so you don’t have to see any spam in your inbox.


Your email is always safe and private on our cloud platform. No scanning or sharing of emails with us, your data is yours and for no one else to see.


No one wants to get a virus on their computer. Our advanced anti-virus detection system is constantly updated. We've got your covered, 100% of the time.

Email. It Just Works.

Email that never lets you down

You never want to think about email, it should always be there. We take email seriously because we know it’s critical to your business and stressful when it goes down. We make sure it’s always up. We mean that.

Free Data Migration

When you move to Skystra, we'll migrate all your existing email data over to your account for free, so you don't miss a beat.

Enhanced Security

From advanced anti-virus and anti-spam technology to the security and privacy of our cloud platform, we’ve got your email services covered 100%.​

Core Features

Core features you'll get with SkyMail

Our fast and reliable business class email comes included on all services. Here are some of the core features you’ll get with your email on Skystra Cloud.


Your email will run on the most advanced & reliable cloud technology out there, which means you’ll always get your email on time and all of your important messages will get to your people on time as well. We believe all of our customers deserve the best that’s out there, that’s why we give you email on the Skystra Cloud built on Google Cloud’s architecture. Learn more here.


Share events with your team. Create recurring events. Set up important reminders for yourself or groups. Make sure you always make it on time to your important meetings and send out reminders for people to stay on top of things! An organized calendar is one of the first steps to success and we want you to be successful.


Sync email across your devices and operating systems. Whether you prefer to check on desktop computer, mobile, tablet (or all of them at once), you can always check your email. Sync on as few or many devices as you like to stay on top of your inbox.


SkyMail is compatible with all common applications & versions including popular ones like Outlook and Apple Mail. Prefer to check it directly online? No problem, just log onto our SkyMail platform from any browser and you’ll be connected to your inbox in seconds.

100% Uptime

On our cloud platform, email just works, syncing across devices through a distributed infrastructure, which means 100% uptime and no missed messages. Also, our proactive security layer scans for malware and shoos away spammers at an instant, keeping your inbox clean. 

  • Anti-virus
  • Malware scanning
  • Webmail
  • Sync across devices
  • Calendar

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