Daily Backups

Daily cloud backups of all your data. Near instant recovery of any file, database or email whenever you need it. Included on all services.

Your data, kept safe with daily backups


Our backups take a snapshot every day of your website and its files and database, and stores them on a separate cloud region.


Backups are kept at a separate cloud region, ensuring constant availability and ability to restore at a moment's notice.

Version History

We don't just store one version of your old files. We store multiple versions, daily, so you have built-in revision history.

Core Backup Features

Daily Backups


All of your website data, including all your media files and documents, are backed up by our cloud platform on a daily basis. Need an older version restored? No problem, we’ve got it.


Databases contain some of the most critical information for your online presence. Whether it’s a database from your website or app, we back up their databases each day.


Your email is backed up every day on our cloud. If you happen to misplace an email, delete one by accident or just need to find an older version, we got you covered. 


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