Enhanced Security

Keep your websites and your visitors safe from malware with our enhanced security systems. Included on all services.

Proactive security to protect your online presence.


Our web application firewall is always on, and always protecting your website. Powered by AI and enhanced by machine learning, threats new and old are blocked.


Our security systems constantly scan your files, databases and emails for potential threats to you and your visitors. Your website is safe.

Malware Removal

When you move your website to Skystra, all of the malware you got previously will be automatically removed and your website cleaned.

Core Security Features


Application Firewall

Threats are constantly evolving. Hackers are always looking for a door into your data. Our firewall prevents those attempts from ever reaching your website and your data. Your website visitors will thank you for keeping them and their data secure.


Our systems scan every file, database and email at the block level. That means every time something changes on your website, our system checks to make sure it's secure and safe. Changes are then compared to known algorithms to detect any hacks.

Malware Removal

Getting hacked is never good. That's why customers who move to Skystra get their website cleaned as part of our included security service. We believe security is for everyone and should be included on all services by default. If you're hacked, we can help.

Security for All

Security is for everyone, not just those who pay for it. All of our security services are included free.

Always Updated

A security system is only as good as its last update. Our systems are constantly updated.


All file and database changes are scanned live at the block level. This ensures no changes are made that shouldn't be.

Performance Boost

Having a secure website boosts its performance and lowers page loading times.

Security for all


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