How to create an email forwarder

Jun 22, 2020

To create an email forwarder on your account, log in to your NOVA Client Area, and click on the cPanel icon under Your Active Services section:

Next, click the Forwarders options under the Email section:

To set up an email forwarder, click the Add Forwarder button:

Input the desired email address, select the domain name from the dropdown list, and then input the email address you want all emails for this email account to forward to:

Once done, click the Add Forwarder button to save changes.

You will see a confirmation message:

Then you’ll be able to locate the new forwarder in the list of forwarders:

That’s it!

In general, we don’t recommend using forwarders as they can’t filter spam. As such – they’ll forward unsolicited messages, which can cause problems with blacklisting and mail server reputation.

A better way to receive emails from another email account is to use a pull feature from an existing mailbox. For example, you can set up your Gmail account to pull emails from your email address at Skystra.

To set this up, log in to your Gmail account, click the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner and select the Settings option:

Go to Accounts section, then click Add a mail account option:

A new browser pop-up will launch where you need to input the email address you want Gmail to pull emails from.

Input your email address, and click the Next button to proceed further.

On the following page, fill in the fields and select options as needed:

Username: Your full email address (you’re pulling emails from)

Password: Password for your email account

POP Server and Port: Leave default as Gmail usually guesses it properly

Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server: Check this if you want Gmail to leave copies of pulled emails on the source server (your original email account)

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail: Enable this for security purposes

Label incoming messages: Set this up if you want all new emails pulled from the source email address to have a custom label

Archive incoming messages: Check this option if you want emails from the source email address to be archived automatically and not show in your Gmail inbox

Once ready, click the Add Account button.

Next, choose if you want to be able to send emails from a source account using Gmail.

If no, click the Finish button to finish the setup process.

If yes, click the Next button and input the desired name to proceed further with the setup.