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For beginners: What is PHP?
PHP is an open-source, actively developed server-side scripting and programming language that is mostly used for web development. The majority of the WordPress core is written using PHP as the...
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WooCommerce themes
WooCommerce is compatible with almost all themes, and if you’ve already configured your theme to your liking, it’s possible you won’t need to make any changes. However, you want to...
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WooCommerce extensions & add-ons
WooCommerce has the core features required to operate any online store. Still, its many extensions allow online entrepreneurs to add specific features, for example, shopping cart management, additional payment gateways,...
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How to make your WordPress site more secure
For the majority of business owners, your website is your business, so you need to pay extra attention to the security of your WordPress site. Back in 2016, Google reported...
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Getting Started with WordPress at Skystra
Our WordPress service is designed for you to create and launch your online presence, not to manage and be bogged down in administrative boredom. We take care of the entire...
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Sep 12, 2019
How to access your webmail
All of our services come with webmail included. When you subscribe to any of our services and register or transfer your domain name with us, you can create a new...
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Sep 4, 2019
Clear cache in WordPress
Before diving in, let’s define cache – what is a cache, really? If you are on our WordPress service, you don’t even need to know. We do this all for you...
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