Customers are partners.

We like partners. And it just so happens, our best partners are customers who use our service every day. Real people and businesses that are on Skystra, talk to our support teams, and use our platform. No one is better positioned to refer us and to be our partners. 

Customers Only

Who best to tell others about our service than our own customers that utilize our cloud and talk to our team every day. Let's work together.

Earn Money

We want to reward our customers who refer other customers to us. We've setup our referral system to pay you a certain amount for each referred customer.


Give your friend or referral your custom referral link and once they click on it, the referral is noted as yours. You don't need to do anything else but give out your link.

Grow Your Network

Expand your network at our exclusive networking events we hold across the world. Meet like-minded individuals, drum up new business and create new collaborations with other businesses that all use the Skystra Cloud Platform.

Monthly Rates. No Contracts.

All of our services are monthly. No contracts, no overage fees, nothing sneaky. We are changing how the industry works one customer at a time. Bring over anyone you know who needs a website and/or email. We’d be happy to have them, and to give you something for your effort too. 


We hold a number of workshops throughout the year at our company headquarters and other venues across the world. We share ideas about technology, emerging trends, marketing in an online world, and many other subjects that all revolve around Cloud Technology and its services.

Info Available in NOVA

Find out more information about our Customer Partner Program within NOVA. In NOVA, you will find information such as the amount of referrals, the amount you’ve earned, information about upcoming events in your area and more. 

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