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Cloud Technology for teachers, students and administrators

Skystra for Education


Every day, the education sector increases its use of our cloud technology. Create new online classrooms, or share a new project with your group.


Deploy new Learning Management Systems with simple ease on our cloud. Your data, your classroom, available online at all times.


Education is the core of a bright and innovate society. We all want to do our part. Get in touch with us and let's build something together.

Core Education Features

Education Platform


You are the expert at teaching your students. We'll help you get your online classroom setup so you can focus on sharing your knowledge and expertise with your students.


Create an unlimited number of classroom projects with various Learning Management Systems available with Skystra. You create your content, we'll keep it online and deliver it to your class.


All of Skystra's cloud systems are designed to deliver your content all over the world. Work with students and administrators from across the world, no matter their location or ability to go to school.

Priority Support

When educators need support, there is no time to waste. We get back to you within minutes.

IT Team

We take care of managing the systems that run your online classroom.


We have several guides on how to build and manage your new online classroom. You're part of the team.


We work in conjunction with various Centres for Learning to provide cloud technology solutions within their budgets.



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