Skystra for Health

Cloud Technology for the Health sector

Skystra for Healthcare


Every day, the health sector increases its use of cloud technology. Create new online resources to share your information about health on our Cloud.


Sharing health information is important. Get all the tools you need to bring and manage your new online resource for providing information.


Health is critical. That's why it's important we all work together to build new online resources to help share information quickly and easily.

Core Health Features

Health Platform


Create your new online health resource by using the available tools at Skystra, including our Managed WordPress platform. 


As a health expert, use your new online resource to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. We'll keep your resource up and secure.


Invite other experts to share their information within your own online resource. Give them the access you like and let them share as well. 

Priority Support

When health experts need support, there is no time to waste. We get back to you within minutes.

IT Team

We take care of managing the systems that run your online health resource.


We have several guides on how to build and manage your new online health resource. 


We work with various health experts and providers to provide cloud technology solutions within their budgets.



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