Partner Program

Service enhancements and benefits for our partners

Partner Benefits and Enhancements


Share your experience with us to your network of friends and businesses. The more that subscribe through you, the more you make.


Our partner payouts are among the highest in the industry. We appreciate every new customer you send our way, and payouts are one way to show that.


You also get benefits by being a partner. Access to workshops, feature requests and priority support are among the benefits offered to partners.

Core Partner Features

Partner Program

Share your Link

Share your experience with the world. You get your own unique partner link that you can place on your website, or share with your network via other methods of communication. 

Get Paid

You get paid for every referral you send our way. We want you to be successful and make it as easy as possible to send us referrals. Payouts can be hosting credits or cash. Your choice.

Unlimited Potential

We don't have any limit to the amount of referrals you get paid for sending our way. Partnerships are about being mutually beneficial, and we get that. Being our partner means we're in it together.

Priority Support

Gain access to our Priority Support team. We'll get to your request within minutes.

Feature Requests

Partners tell us what their network looks for. We work with you to develop those features.


Cloud Technologies and the business of web hosting move fast. We hold regular workshops for partners to discuss events and strategies.

Guest Blog

Partnerships means business goes both ways. Being our most valued partner gives you access to guest post on our blog about your business.


Partner Application

Let us know a little bit more about yourself. Our partnership team will be in touch.

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