Security on Cloud

SkyShield is our proactive security system that keeps all of your data private & secure. SkyShield comes included on all services because we believe security is a right, not just for people who can pay for it.

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No Attacks or Hacks


Our services come with SkyShield included at no extra cost because security is essential. This means your website & data have a built in firewall blocking against all types of cyber attacks, bots and hackers. SkyShield proactively monitors your website and email 24/7 so you are always protected.

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No Spam or Bots

SkyShield’s proactive monitoring system keeps your website, data and email free of spam, bots, and everything in between. 


We're constantly researching security threats to make sure our monitoring infrastructure is up to date to keep our cloud platform completely secure.

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Our security network catches irregular activity and monitors scripts in real time to stop malware right away. Proactive protection means you sleep well at night.

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SkyShield combines human and AI-powered monitoring enhanced with machine learning to deploy script patching and proactive malware removal across all services.

Security. On Cloud.

Security you can rely on

We take your security and privacy seriously. That’s why SkyShield comes included free on all services at Skystra. SkyShield is our proactive security system that combines human and AI-powered machine learning monitoring to keep your website, data, and emails safe. Security is a fundamental right, not a paid addon. We stand by that.

Sophisticated Detection

Our firewall is the first line of defence against all threats. Enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it provides 24/7 protection.

Proactive Security

Our security system analyzes information from a global network of servers to block hackers, bots, and attackers before they even reach your website, data, or email.​

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