Learn more about the technology that powers over 800,000 websites and nearly 4 million email addresses. Find out how our global infrastructure network delivers websites over our Cloud Hosting Environment.

Our Cloud Hosting Environment is built from a fusion between our Software Stack and Operating System, on top of Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

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Global Performance

Page loading times are an important factor in how well your website does online. With us, your website will be delivered over a premier global network.

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Having the world's fastest website means nothing if it's not up. Our systems are designed to be redundant and self-healing. We guarantee you'll always be online.

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Bring on the website traffic! Resources for your website will always be available, at all times. We love hosting high traffic websites on our platform.


All of our services are delivered over the Google Cloud (GCP) infrastructure and network. We’ve built our Skystra Cloud Hosting Environment (CHE) on top of GCP to provide the best performance and uptime. A fusion of bleeding edge technologies made to connect your website to a worldwide network with global reach.

The Skystra Cloud Platform

The Technology of Cloud

We built our Cloud Hosting Environment to deliver the performance, reliability, scalability, tools and features your online presence asks for. We’ve combined our entirely customized software stack and advanced operating systems with the Google Cloud’s global infrastructure, to create the a premier Cloud Hosting Environment. A lot of work went into this, and we’re very proud to share some key details about it below. 

Distributed Infrastructure

Our infrastructure, in partnership with GCP, is fully distributed. That means your data is housed across many servers in Google datacenters across the world. Your data is always safe and online, kept backed up through distributed regional storage, and on the premiere networking backbone of the world. 


Our DNS servers are located globally to provide better connection time for you and your visitors. Easily improve the loading speed of your website by over half a second with our global DNS connectivity. Your visitors will feel a noticeable difference visiting your site on our platform. 


Automatic scaling is a key feature of our Cloud Platform. We host websites that have been featured on TV and other media, and our customers’ websites performed at the same level all the time. Hosting your website on a true Cloud Hosting Environment means you never have to worry about computing resources. They scale as your online presence evolves. 


We guarantee high uptime. We can do that because our Cloud Hosting Environment, built on top of GCP, is designed to be failure-proof. We’ve fused hardware and software together to create a platform that will automatically and seamlessly deliver your data with no downtime.


Each customer account is allocated dedicated resources. This means you will never share resources with anyone else. On our platform, you only pay for what you use. Resources are 100% dedicated to your website and email.

Control Panel

If you are coming from Plesk or cPanel, our control panel will be very familiar to you. It has all the same functions and features. You will feel right at home within our hosting environment. We promise it. 

Data Migration

We are able to migrate nearly any website or email account to our Cloud Hosting Environment. Connect with us and let us take a look at your site.

Dedicated Resources

Each account gets its own dedicated resources. No sharing, no silly plan tiers. Your online presence has its own resources to use at all times.



Here are a few ways our Cloud Hosting Environment, built on top of the Google Cloud infrastructure, delivers world class performance, reliability and scalability.

Managed WordPress on our platform delivers some pretty amazing performance. If you’ve run a WordPress site before, you know how slow WordPress can get with multiple plugins and an advanced design.

Our Managed WordPress platform is optimized solely for WordPress. No slowness, no security issues. Just focus on creating, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Cloud Hosting service and the technology behind it were designed with flexibility and performance as core requirements. Being able to deploy and host thousands of applications means we needed to consider nearly every way a customer would use our Cloud Hosting service.

Our Cloud Hosting platform can host a ton of applications in all of their configurations. Deploy nearly any web application and see what real Cloud Hosting can do for your website. 

Edge Hosting comes with dedicated resources capable of providing industry-leading performance and scalability. A developer toolbox with a ton of programming languages, GIT repositories and shell access. For agencies, the ability to have multiple websites and staging areas.

Run your website, projects,  ecommerce stores or business on Edge.

Email that just works. That’s the one and only thing that we focused on while building out our email service on top of our Cloud Hosting Environment.

Using open sourced technologies, we developed a service that syncs across all of your devices, has built-in anti-virus, anti-spam and a sophisticated webmail. And best of all, we don’t snoop on your data. 

Our backups run continuously across our platform and pick up changes on the fly. That’s the software component we built on top of Google’s data redundancy infrastructure.

Data is hosted across multiple storage arrays in various regions. This means data integrity is always checked and verified. Your data is always safe and sound on our platform.

SkyShield is our proactive security and monitoring program. Most of its core is based on software that we’ve custom built for our platform and customers.

The other component to SkyShield is the hardware firewall, provided by the GCP infrastructure and enhanced by our team. Security threats are analyzed before they even touch your website or email.

A great website is nothing without a great website name, also called a domain. A website name represents what you do, who you are, and what your website is to the entire online world. Your online presence starts with a domain.

Get one with us on any on of our services and let the world know who you are. Make your mark.

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