Managed WordPress

Our Managed WordPress offers a management service layer on top of WordPress. We give you fast performance and peace of mind that your website’s infrastructure will always be kept updated, secured, and online.

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Create. Don't Manage.

WordPress is a very cool piece of software that has revolutionized how we build websites. With that functionality also comes a ton of complexity that no one wants to deal with. We know. That’s why we built our Managed WordPress platform. You focus on creating, not spending time managing the boring stuff. 

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Updates are done automatically on our platform. Sit back, and think about your next business move, not about updating plugins.

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Google Cloud Platform

Your entire online presence is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Global performance unmatched by anyone else.

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WordPress is a target for hackers. We take the stress of securing your website away. Our SkyShield is included on Managed WordPress.

Managed WordPress +

Google Cloud Platform

All WordPress websites hosted by our Managed WordPress service are delivered globally via the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Fused with our advanced Cloud Hosting Environment (CHE), your website’s reach will be global, and its performance unmatched by any other WordPress platform.


Simple. No contracts.

Heading #1
Heading #1


  • 5 Websites
  • 10GB Storage
  • 100GB Traffic
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • SSL Security
  • Staging Environment
  • cPanel
  • Litespeed Cache
  • Automatic Updates
  • SkyShield
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Migration
WordPress Pro
Heading #1
Heading #1



Give your WordPress website a boost with new professional features on WordPress Pro.

  • 20 Websites
  • 25GB Storage
  • 250GB Traffic
  • Elementor Pro
  • Unlimited Emails
  • MultiSite









Free Migration

We've migrated so many websites, we've lost count. Just kidding, it's well over 100,000 websites now. And way more emails. Trust us to move your stuff.​


We offer industry leading cPanel control panel. Manage your websites, emails, review statistics, set passwords and more with the control panel you know and love.

Included Features

SkyMail Included

Email is such an important communication tool. That’s why SkyMail is included with Managed WordPress.

If you need more email addresses, you can create an unlimited amount of email addresses on WordPress Pro.


The cool stuff

Automatic Updates

Who has time to wait around for updates to be released and installed? No one. That’s why we automatically take care of these things for you. Your WordPress website will stay up to date and secure with new updates and features as they get released.

Automatic Scaling

Bring on the visitors! Sounds like some alien movie scene, but really, bring them on. Our platform was designed to scale with your website needs. Get noticed, and we’ll keep your popular site up. 

Multisite Enabled

Create a network of WordPress websites using one single WordPress installation. You can have multiple websites or subdomains and create whatever you want on them. Multisite is free on WordPress Pro.

Optimized Platform

Did you know that each second of extra page load time reduces your visitor conversions by 7%? We knew that. We want your WordPress to be freakin’ fast. Our Managed WordPress platform is built for performance.

Expert WordPress Support

We’ve been working with WordPress for over 10 years now. We know the code, we know the plugins, we know how it all works. Ask us anything about WordPress and we can always help you out. 

Security and Backups​

Proactive security and daily backups are included for free on Managed WordPress. Your WordPress website will be protected from hackers at all times, because we don’t believe that security and keeping your files safe should be paid addons.

Elementor Pro

The world’s best WordPress site builder is available for free on WordPress Pro. Build a beautiful and responsive website with Elementor Pro. Choose from over 100+ templates and sections to get your WordPress website started!

Things you can create with Managed WordPress

A few things you can create on Managed WordPress

Here are a few types of WordPress based websites you can host on Managed WordPress. This isn’t a complete list and every example here is from what real customers are doing and what they built using our Managed WordPress platform.


Ecommerce is the most popular use of WordPress on our platform. Enhanced greatly by plugins such as WooCommerce, WordPress is a great application to launch an Ecommerce Store. We provide free SSL Encryption so all of your customer data stays safe too. 


Taking advantage of development features such as Staging, Caching and other tools, developers have extended the features of WordPress. Developers love our custom Managed WordPress environment, the performance and tools available let them focus on developing some amazing websites for their customers. 


When you’re starting a business, you want to focus on getting your product or service out the door, and customers in the door. Managing your website’s infrastructure is time you can use on growing your new business. On average, our customers say they save about 20% of their time by using our Managed WordPress platform compared to others.


We live in the age of information where there is a constant flood of events. We have a number of customers with large news and review websites running on Managed WordPress. The one feature they say helps them the most : Automatic Scaling. Getting traffic is the name of the game with news, and your site’s infrastructure needs to receive that traffic 100% of the time, with 0 interruptions.


Corporate websites take up a lot of resources. You’re running not only the most visible part of your company, but also its communications and internal resources on it. Email, Intranet, Project Management and other internal resources all run on our Managed WordPress platform because it’s made for business. 


You can’t talk about WordPress without mentioning blogging. A good number of our customers are bloggers offering their opinions on a wide range of topics. We also have a few social media influencers using the platform to share their views. Knowing their blogs are free of hackers & bots is what our recent survey showed customers appreciated most. 

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