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Managed Hosting


  • Create. Build. Publish.

Your Managed WordPress website will perform better than ever on our cloud platform. WordPress will benefit from the enhanced security, performance and reliability that comes from being on the cloud.

Free Move

Moving your WordPress website over to us is really simple. We do all the moving, making sure your content, photos, themes and plugins all get moved over.


Get your content out there easily with Managed WordPress. WordPress comes installed, so you can get started on creating your content right away.


eCommerce Hosting


  • The eCommerce platform for WordPress

Build and manage your online store with WooCommerce, the premiere eCommerce extension for WordPress. Load your products, content and pricing in just minutes. Start selling today!

Free Move

Moving your WooCommerce website over to us is really simple. We do all the moving, making sure your products, and content get moved over.


Start your online store with WooCommerce in just minutes. Get access to thousands of themes and additional features. Your store, your way.


AGENCY Hosting


  • Hosting. For Pros.

Agency is our cloud hosting platform designed for Agencies and Developers. Host all of your client projects, manage them from one simple interface and deploy them with ease. Build out your projects on the platform with the tools that get the job done.


Build your client projects easily on our cloud platform. Create a new project in seconds, deployed to our cloud, and start building it out right away.


Manage all of your projects from one interface. While developing projects, access their staging environments and push them to live with one click.


Business Hosting


  • Optimized for High Traffic Websites

Business Hosting is optimized for high traffic WordPress based websites. Powered by dedicated cloud resources, the Business Hosting platform will quickly deliver your busy website's content, reliably and securely.

Free Move

Moving to the Skystra Cloud is easy. We do the entire move for you. We will bring over your website within just a few hours, you sit back, and relax.


Dedicated Cloud resources for your high traffic website. Along with those resources comes access to Shell and WP-CLI for additional website management tools.




  • Get a Great Name for your Website

Add professionalism to your website and make it instantly recognizable with a great Domain Name. To stand out, your brand needs a unique name. 


Choosing your new domain name has never been easier. Think of a great new domain name, click on register, and it's all yours in just a few minutes.

Private ID

We protect your information from public online records. Your information is kept private and no one else can look it up or see it. No more spam calls!


Cloud Email


  • Email That Works.

Business class email on the cloud that makes everything easy. With an intuitive calendar, multi-device sync and app functionality. Anti-spam and anti-virus come included. It just works.


Keep all your events and tasks organized with the Calendar functionality of our Mail platform. Share, invite and track events and your attendees.

Enhanced Security

Your mail is critical, which is why our Mail platform takes security and privacy seriously. Our anti-spam, and anti-virus systems keep your emails private and secure.



Skystra Cloud

The Skystra hosting platform is built on Generation 2 cloud infrastructure. This fusion of cutting edge technologies means your online presence is on the world's premiere cloud hosting service.


Our entire platform is dedicated to speed. We use the latest Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure.


The networks we use are the fastest in the world. Your visitors will reach your website in no time.

Renewable Energy

Our datacenter partners match 100% the energy consumed with renewable energy.

Experience Skystra

Homepage_Experience Skystra

The next step for Digital Marketing Agencies: Cloud

Digital Marketing has undergone a revolution in the last 10 years. Find out how Skystra Cloud can help your agency take its place for the next decade.

How Skystra Cloud Improves Conversion Rates

Conversion rates on eCommerce stores improve by 7% for each second your customers are looking at your products and services, not waiting for your website to load. We keep your website performing at its best.

First Impressions Matter. Why Your Blog Loves Cloud.

Put your best foot forward with your new blog visitors. Sharing your travel adventures with beautiful high resolution images means you need a seriously fast network. Your website visitors will love reading your amazing stories.

Cloud Performance

Performance matters for websites. The faster your website, the more visitors and sales. We use cutting edge hardware and software to give your online presence the boost it needs to stand out.

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